Account Management

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We believe in intricate detail, not just the big picture. Each of our campaigns is micro-managed with in-depth analysis and forecasting. While more time-consuming, we know that this gives you the best results possible.


Each of our PPC Account managers is Google AdWords accredited scoring 90% or greater with over 5 years experience in search campaigns.


Our campaigns are built with a logical, granular structure minimising wastage ensuring you get the best return on your investment. We stand by all of our work as we are 100% transparent with all aspects of our account management.


Pay-Per-Click Networks

which count

We support all of the major PPC networks for multiple regions and countries, rest assured if you want to target a particular location our campaign strategists will suggest the best network for your needs.

Highly Targeted

reach your audience

Unlike SEO, PPC will grant you instant results bringing qualified leads to you within days, not months. Every part of your PPC campaign is measurable.



Landing Page






Time Parting



Keyword Research

which makes sense



Our experienced account managers will ensure you reach your correct audience via relevant keywords and copy.


Pay-Per-Click is just that, you will only pay for clicks received.


PPC is still in high demand with the majority of users searching for a product or service before buying. Our campaigns will make sure you reach your audience at every stage of their journey.


We will grow your PPC campaigns each month giving you promenant position against competitors for lower cost.


Each month new relevant keywords and adcopy is tested to give you the best growth.


you can measure

Our approach to PPC is all about numbers and results.
We optimise your campaigns based purely on campaign performance.


an agency you can trust

iEfficient employees have a strong search background, logical methodical thinkers with a firm belief in transparency and customer service. We will work with you to establish a bond with your business, through this we see rapid growth and a great long-lasting relationship with our clients.


Each of our Account managers has over 5 years experience in search engine marketing, with the majority specialising in PPC.


Unlike many other PPC agencies, we can exposure you - our client – to as much data as you require. You will have access to the same data we have. It truly is "your" campaign.

Customised Reports

Whether you want quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily reports, graphical or raw data we'll work with you to track those important KPI's.

Big Picture

While focused on PPC we will also take into account your other campaigns for a complete overview. Understanding the synergies between each media channel is vital in creating a truly channel agnostic advertising campaign generating the full range of efficiencies to your account improving your ROI.

Customer Support

You can reach us at any time 24/7 for every day of the year. We believe in strict KPI’s and strong client service is paramount to our success.

Continued Optimisation

After initial implementation we won't just leave you there. Our account managers continuously work to reduce your campaign costs freeing up budget to allow our account strategists to find new methods and avenues to grow your business.